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List of language disorders

Rundown of dialect issue Bounce to navigationJump to look Feature Absence Difficulty Problem Phonation Anarthria Dysarthria, diglossia - Comprehension Agnosia, asemia, a symbolic - - Speech Aphasia, aphrasia Dysphasia, schizophasia, logorrhea Paraphasia Intonation Aprosodia Dysprosody - Neediness of speech Alogia - - Perusing (process) Alexia Dyslexia Paralexia Composed language Agraphia Dysgraphia, graphorrhea Paragraph Spoken language Alalia Dyslalia, coprolalia, echolalia, glossolalia Palilalia Reviewing names Anomia Dysnomia - Engine disorder Apraxia Dyspraxia - Orthophony - Dysphemia - Orthography - Dysorthography - Syntax Agrammatism - Paragrammatism Voice Aphonia Dysphonia -
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